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"Yearn to experience New York in the 1970's? Then check out this show"
The Times of London
"Voted Top Ten events: the Ryan Case 1873-It's like CSI: New York in the 1870's."
Time Out NY
New York Magazine Approval Matrix (2012, 2013)
"A fascinating glimpse of life in New York in 1873!"
New York Theater Review Blog
"You just never know what you're going to get and I think that's what makes this experience so unique. The cast is vital to this production and they really step up and do some fantastic work."
"D'Amore's commitment to a certain threshold of grit and his actors' courageous willingness to engage with their surrounding's is wonderfully surreal."
New York Magazine (2011)
"Wonderful work by creator Carlo D'Amore and his talented cast."
Gay City News
"The Lower East Side is seedy again in Live-in Theater's unique, interactive crime show The Lombardi Case 1975. The dramatic ending caught me quite by surprise. Inventive and fun!"
"…Well-crafted experience, full of intensity and subtle humor…"
"A living, breathing manifestation of the underworld on Manhattan's West Side in the late '80s... deadly relevant on top of being excellent theater"
"A particularly fine example… of outdoor theater."
The New York Times
"The cast is excellent...peals of laughter...a fun evening!"
"This is very different kind of theater, unique and wonderful. It is a trip through New York's "Lower East Side" and a trip back through the years to a time in the 1970s when New York, in the middle of a crime wave and drug epidemic, seemed like the Wild West."
Historic News Network
"Like being in a game of Clue come to life and set in the immigrant Lower East Side of the 1870s."
"This is anything but passive theatergoing! Engaging, fun, and effective!"
NEXT Magazine

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